The book

Your Children Are Very Greatly in Danger: School Segregation in Rochester, New York, was released March 15, 2022 by Cornell University Press.

My first book, it traces the roots of present-day segregation in the Rochester area back to the very birth of the city and provides the first comprehensive overview of the unsuccessful Civil Rights-era fight for desegregation. The analysis extends to the present; in the conclusion, I offer three suggestions to advance the cause of racial integration in Rochester today.

Three adapted excerpts from the book were published in the Democrat and Chronicle, while a third appeared in the journal Rochester History. Those are available on the Resources page. The title comes from a James Baldwin essay, as I explained here.

The book is now available from all the usual vendors. Some of those links are listed below, along with information on how to get it from the library.

One special note: signed copies of the book are available at no additional cost from Hipocampo Books. Just add a note when you check out online, including any inscription you’d like. Hipocampo is an independent bookstore on South Avenue focusing on multilingual and multicultural books for children. Its owners, Henry Padrón and Pamela Bailie, have been great supporters of my work and of anti-racism in Rochester in general, and I encourage you to support them in return.

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