More on Kodak in The Atlantic

It’s been a busy stretch on the George Eastman/Kodak beat. Just a week after my story on George Eastman, The Atlantic published a lengthy feature article on Eastman Kodak and its place in Rochester and the country. The reporter, Kaitlyn Tiffany, grew up in the Bloomfield area, I believe, and did a great job combining her personal history with her reporting. Part of that reporting was talking to me. I managed to get in this point, which I hope is read far and wide.

Today, rochester is a different place. Murphy, the Democrat and Chronicle reporter, asked me to correct the record: “Often when we read about Rochester in the national media, it seems like the writer thinks … all we ever do is walk around and cry about how Kodak is gone.” So, in print, here it is: People who live in Rochester do many things other than walk around and cry about how Kodak is gone.

Again, the whole piece is worth a read.

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