Forest in the city: tree canopy in Rochester

Me doing an interview in Washington Grove.

This week, the D&C published the second-most intensive project I’ve ever done, behind the book: my six-month dive into the tree canopy in Rochester. Where are there more trees than not, what are the public health consequences, how did that come to be and how can it be addressed? I discuss all those questions in my stories, which were supported by the USC Annenberg health data reporting fellowship.

Doing this reporting really changed the way I look at the physical environment around me; I hope it will do the same for you.

Here’s the main story, including an awesome user-friendly map with a lot of data about trees and other things.

Here’s an equally in-depth story about how the current distribution of trees in Rochester came to be.

Here’s a Q&A with Mayor Malik Evans on his vision for trees in the city, including as a tool for economic development.

There’ll be more elements of this story coming over the next few months, including a piece about Washington Grove and another interactive map about self-submitted favorite trees in the city.

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